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Interpersonal Dynamics
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Cross-Cultural Negotiation
This workshop teaches the fundamentals of cross-cultural negotiation. Students will learn how to use negotiation to achieve work goals more effectively, even when faced with very challenging people and cross-cultural situations.  The course methodology includes identifying and pursuing personal learning goals and “learning how to learn” by practicing new behaviors and receiving constructive feedback.
Two days
Individual contributors and managers who want to enhance their negotiation skills. 10 participants suggested, no more than 25.

Learning Objectives
The end result of the course will be the ability to negotiate goals, objectives, concerns, and support in a more effective and culturally sensitive way.  Toward this end, the following general dimensions will be examined in depth:

  • Listening
  • Feedback
  • Influence
  • Support
  • Confrontation
  • Time and Space
  • Face and Face-Saving
  • Fate and Personal Responsibility
  • Nonverbal Communication
About the Facilitator
The facilitator for this workshop has experienced numerous cultures throughout the world as a part of his special interest in cross-cultural issues. For example, in 1973 he lived in Israel on a Kibbutz for six months during the Yom Kippur war. In 1975, He received a scholarship in the Berkeley Professional Studies Program in India where he lived for two years studying indigenous healing methods. In 1980 he designed and managed the 20th anniversary corporate culture survey at Intel, which involved six domestic and 10 international sites. In 1990 he wrote a doctoral dissertation entitled: "Traditional Chinese Medicine In San Francisco Health Planning: Implications For a Pacific Rim City.”  He has traveled to China four times in the last two years where he studied cultural practices and traditions.