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Interpersonal Dynamics
Project Management
Creativity and Innovation
Course Description

Creativity and innovation are crucial to the success of organizations. They are critical leadership skills, and all of us are capable of being innovative and creative. Environments that support risk taking, compassion and empathy are ideal in encouraging, cultivating and embracing creativity and innovation.

This workshop teaches participants, teams and organizations how to generate breakthroughs in business performance through creativity and innovation. We introduce models of creativity and innovation, explore the foundations of Emotional Intelligence that enable creative environments, and experiment with hands-on design thinking processes. In can be delivered as a stand alone workshop, or as the foundation for programs to encourage behavoir change at an individual, group and organizational level.

Workshop  Length
6 Hours when delivered as a stand alone workshop

Each module of the course begins with a brief lecture introducing one or more new concepts. Each short lecture is followed by breakout exercises, typically in groups of two to four, in which the new concepts are applied and new behaviors are practiced. Exercises are followed by facilitated group discussions of the experience, as well as individual learning and its applicability to unique work situations. Each course is led by two experienced facilitators from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. The high facilitator to participant ratio supports true experiential learning and ensures individualized attention to each participant’s learning goals.
Course Objectives
  • Encourage individuals to shift to a more creative mind-set
enable teams to work together in a more creative way
inspire organizations to cultivate a more Creative work environment
  • Develop an understanding of why creativity is so important in business today
  • Identify some of the major roadblocks to creativity
  • Learn techniques to build novel solutions from existing ideas and determine when these techniques are appropriate
  • Understand how creativity can be sparked under stressful conditions, such as deadline pressure
  • Use better ways to promote ideas that are “outside the box”
  • Learn the fundamental conditions for Creativity and Innovation
  • Identify personal and interpersonal behaviors that promote/hinder creativity
  • Practice skills and behaviors that support building innovative environment
  • Understand and practice brainstorming and design-thinking process
About the Instructor
The lead facilitator and author for this course has over 15 years experience as an organizational consultant, facilitator and coach having worked with groups and individuals in the areas of leadership and workforce development, diversity and cross-cultural work relations.  She has extensive experience coaching senior managers, facilitating conflict resolution processes around cross-cultural issues and challenging team dynamics.

For the past ten years she has served as a senior facilitator, coach and teaching assistant at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.  She has worked with both full time and executive MBA candidates in programs such as Interpersonal Dynamics, High Performance Leadership, Global Trip Leadership, Leading in Diversity Environments and Women in Management.

Additionally, she co-founded and leads Dialogue and Leadership Circles, a series of professional and personal development programs for professional Israeli women in Silicon Valley. She has designed and taught experiential learning based classes of effective communication and leadership skills in both corporate and community environments.
She brings her depth of experience working with professionals of all levels and knowledge of human behaviors and cross-culture dynamics to her clients in professional and private settings. She has a BA in Social Work, Tel-Aviv University, and a MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, San Jose State University. She has certifications in NLP Coaching, Group Facilitation, Change Leadership and Art Therapy.