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Interpersonal Dynamics
Project Management
Productive Meetings
Bad meetings lead to bad decisions and wasted time. Why does an activity so central to running an organization receive so little attention? Meetings that go off on tangents or grind to a halt over insignificant points are unproductive and frustrating. Learn best practices for getting the most out of meetings, and transform them into productive, engaging, and energizing experiences for all attendees.
3 hours 
Class size should be kept to 20 students whenever possible. Small class size ensures individual attention and sufficient time to interact and collaborate as a group.  
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the value of meetings
  • Recognize the critical pre-planning steps that make meetings more effective
  • How to start and end meetings on time with a well-constructed agenda
  • Learn facilitation techniques that encourage full participation
  • Identify important differences between face-to-face meetings and electronic meetings
  • Identify the role of the meeting chair and meeting participant
  • Develop and practice techniques for handling counterproductive behavior 
  • Achieve results with effective follow-up
The facilitator uses a variety of training methods for each workshop, including large group discussions, individual work and reflection, small group discussions and exercises, case studies and simulations for role play. 

About the Facilitator
The lead facilitator for this workshop has a BS in Education and twenty years of experience with the IBM Corporation in training and training management. In her many years of training in the corporate environment, she has developed a deep understanding of adult learning principles and accelerated learning techniques. This experience has given her the background for the development of compelling content and delivery of engaging classes that bring home the objectives.