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Change Management
Management Workshops
In this half-day workshop, managers will explore how change can often affect productivity, and produce anxiety and resistance throughout a company. Change occurs in difficult, discrete events or in cumulative small ones; either way, it is a fact of life in today’s organizations. Leading a team through change requires flexibility as well as the willingness to embrace change. In this workshop, managers will learn to manage their own change reactions, recognize others’ reactions, and interact with their employees in ways that help them move through difficulties quickly.
3 hours
Anyone in management, or those who have supervisory responsibilities (or soon will).
Learning Objectives
  • Participants will learn predictable stages that people go through in times of change.
  • Participants will come to understand their own reaction to change.
  • Participants will learn specific actions to help direct reports through times of change.
The facilitator uses a variety of training methods for each workshop, including large group discussions, individual work and reflection, assessments, small group discussions and exercises, case studies and simulations for role-play.
This is an interactive workshop with a 40/60 split between concept/theory and practical application of skills discussed.
Class size should be kept under 25, so each participant will have the opportunity to gain techniques for the types of situations they deal with or expect to deal with.
About the Facilitator
The facilitator for this workshop has been a soft skills instructor and coach to Bay Area companies for 30 years. He is a master trainer, having delivered over 2000 training sessions and trained dozens of instructors in his career. He has authored a full series of managerial soft skills courses, and he specializes in communication and relationship topics.