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Management Workshops

Managing Performance
Management Workshops
Learn how to manage the entire spectrum of performance management activities including new-hire orientation, the introductory period, delegation, coaching for improvement, counseling to change unacceptable performance, and the disciplinary steps necessary for discharge. Good performance isn’t an accident: very few employees are able to perform at high levels without guidance from their managers, and many “performance problems” are actually the result of poor management. Managing employee performance is the key to retaining good people and motivating them to reach performance expectations. In this workshop, managers will learn the skills to analyze performance issues and intervene efficiently and skillfully.
3 hours
Anyone in management, or those who have supervisory responsibilities (or soon will). 
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the elements of performance management
  • Analyze performance problems in a systematic way
  • Learn intervention methods for common performance management problems
  • Explore communication techniques to void and manage defensiveness
Each module of the workshop begins with a brief lecture introducing one or more new concepts. Each lecture is followed by break-out exercises, typically in groups of two to four, in which the new concepts are applied. Each exercise is followed by facilitated full group discussions around the experience of applying these new concepts and how they might be applied in the workplace. Questions and discussions relating to participants’ personal business experience are encouraged.
About the Facilitator
The lead facilitator for this workshop has been a soft skills facilitator and coach to Bay Area companies for over 30 years, and is also the author of this workshop. He is a master trainer, having delivered over 2000 training sessions and trained dozens of instructors in his career. He has authored a full series of managerial soft skills courses, and he specializes in communication and relationship topics.