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Excel VBA Level 1

This 2 day course is created for the highly proficient Excel user who wants to learn how to automate Excel. Participants should already be able to create absolute and mixed cell references; use functions; work with multiple sheets in a workbook; freeze titles; set print titles and page breaks; create names; and link information in worksheets and workbooks. This course introduces the audience to the programming concepts involved in the Visual Basic language while applying those concepts to Excel. Understand what Visual Basic for Applications is and its uses. Use the Object Browser Apply programming basics Work with decision and loop structures Develop user forms to accept or display data Set up validation for user form data entry Debug code errors.

Course Prerequisites: Excel level 2 or equivalent experience.

I. Visual Basic Editor
A. Visual Basic for Applications
B. Object programming
C. The Object Browser

II. Programming Basics
A. Data basics
B. Scope of variables
C. Scope of procedures

III. Control Structures
A. Decision structures
B. Loop structures
IV. Custom Dialog Boxes
A. User forms
B. Events

V. Debugging and Error Handling
A. Errors
B. Debugging
C. Error handling