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Excel Functions

This one-day class will take participants beyond the basics of Excel. While strongly focused on formulas, it will provide an opportunity to explore multiple Excel functions across several categories. Students should expect to enrich their creative toolbox and to become more comfortable using functions when manipulating, combining, and parsing text, working with dates, structuring lookups. They will discover various ways to use logical functions and to make their spreadsheets look cleaner and easier to understand. It will also provide an introduction to the universe of array formulas. This course is targeted to an intermediate Excel user.

Course Prerequisites: Excel level 2 or equivalent experience.
Building Calculations
A. Review of Simple Formulas?
B. Tips for Entering Formulas
C. Using the AutoSum Button
D. Creating Additional Statistical Functions
E. Using the Insert Function List
F. Using Help with Functions
G. Using a Relative Cell Reference
H. Creating an Absolute Reference
I. Creating a Mixed Cell Reference
J. Creating Templates (Optional)
K. Protecting Cells and Worksheets (Optional)

II. Expanded Functions A. Using a Function in a Formula
B. Rounding a Number
C. Calculating with Dates
D. Creating Conditional Formulas
E. Looking Up Numbers in a Table
F. Concatenating with Text Functions

III. Linking Information between Worksheets and Workbooks
A. Why Use Linking?
B. Linking Cells
C. Updating Links
D. Redirecting Links
E. Creating a Sequential Link
F. Creating a Summary Link
G. Creating a Lookup Link
H. Creating a Hyperlink (Optional)
I. Tracing Precedents and Dependents (Optional)