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Excel Charting

This class is designed for people who are familiar with Excel who need to go beyond the basics for creating charts and graphs.  Participants will learn to create chart sheets and embedded charts and to enhance charts by using colors, gradients, textures and fill effects.  The class covers Excel's various chart types and how to change from one chart type to another.  The class covers using pictures and graphic objects to customize charts. 6 hours.

Course prerequisites: Excel Level 2 or equivalent experience.

Introduction and Chart Basics
What is a Chart and Why Would You Want One?
Anatomy of a Chart
Chart Types
Embedded Charts vs. Chart Sheets
Specifying Chart Data

Formatting Charts
Fills, Borders, and Backgrounds
Chart Series
Text on Charts: Titles, Legends, and Labels
Chart Axes

Trend lines
Understanding Trend lines
Using Error Bars

Using Shapes and Graphics
Inserting and Customizing Shapes and Other Graphics
Using Shapes with Charts

Interactive Charts
What is an Interactive Chart?
Interactive Chart Types

Charting Tips &Tricks
Lines, Backgrounds, and Other Chart Variations
In-cell Charting Techniques
Avoiding Common Charting Mistakes