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Excel 2011 Tips and Tricks
This 3 hour course is designed for the experienced Excel user. Participants will learn time-saving tools and techniques and will use several of Excel's most powerful features, including conditional formatting, data validation, and some Excel tips and tricks and short cuts that create the biggest ooooh’s and aaaaah’s around Excel. The goal of the class is too enhance the intermediate Excel user’s productivity and problem- solving abilities.

Prerequisite: Excel Level 2

Moving and Copying Sheets
Exporting Data from Excel to Word
Using Smart Tag and Paste Special option
Using the Paste Link Option
Edit an Excel Object in Word
Conditional Formatting
Conditional Formatting
Add a Conditional Format Rule
Conditional Formatting with Format Styles
Selecting Cells with Conditional Formatting
Change or Remove a Conditional Format Rule
Rules Manager
Edit Formatting
Copy Conditional Formatting Rules to other Cells
Apply Conditional Formats Using the Rules Galleries
Data Validation
Designate Valid Cell Entries
Ways to Validate Data
Set up Input Messages and Error Alerts
Finding Cells with Data Validation Rules
Finding Cells with Data Validation Rule Violations
Removing Data Validation Rules from Your Worksheet
Tips and Tricks
Navigating Tricks
Selecting Data Tricks
Great Keystrokes to Know
Viewing Multiple Files at One Time
Viewing Multiple Sheets Same File at One Time
Format Tricks
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