mentor training
Excel Macros
This 6 hour course will provide the most commonly used real-world Excel Macros. Each segment of the course will outline a common problem that needs to be solved, and will provide the actual Excel Macro to solve the problem – along with a detailed explanation of how the macro works and where to use the macro. 
Most Excel users have the sense that Excel Macros/VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) can help them make their work easier and more productive. And it’s true - VBA can help Excel Analysts save time and work more efficiently. But the truth is it takes time to build up a working knowledge in VBA.  Even if a user attends a VBA course, they will only be scratching the surface of general VBA concepts.
Most books and courses offer a very high-level overview of VBA, often providing users with benign examples designed only to illustrate a particular topic. In this Macros course they can find that one Excel Macro (snippet of VBA code) will solve their problem now.
After finishing each lesson of this course the user will be able to:
  • Immediately implement the required Excel Macro
  • Understand how the given macro works
  • Reuse the given macro in other workbooks or in conjunction with other macros
Prerequisite: Excel Level 2 or equivalent experience.