mentor training
Excel 2011 Level 1

This 6 hour class is designed for the beginning Excel user; no previous experience with Excel is needed. Participants will learn to create worksheets and to enter and format numbers and text. The class covers basic Excel functions and formulas, simple charts, and printing reports from Excel. 

Course prerequisites: Familiarity with Mac OS.
Getting Started
Understanding pointer shapes
Undo and Redo
The Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface
Activating another cell
Making selections within a worksheet
Using navigation keys
Working with sheet tabs
Creating a New Workbook
Entering Values Entering labels (text)
Entering numbers
Entering dates
Changing column widths
Automatic date formatting
Number formatting
Using AutoComplete
Entering Formulas and Functions
Calculation operators in formulas
Order of operation precedence
Using the AutoSum function
Copying data within a row or column
Using AutoCalculate
Formatting a Worksheet
Using Format Groups on the Ribbon’s Home tab
Format Cells command
Editing Worksheets
Moving and copying cells
Inserting a comment
Inserting and deleting a worksheet
Copying a worksheet
Exporting a worksheet
AutoFilling a Series
Creating a Custom Series
Relative vs. Absolute references
Relative references
Absolute and Mixed references
Switching between Absolute, Relative, and Mixed references
Preparing to Print
Using the Ribbon’s Page Layout tab
Formatting the sheet onscreen
Adding headers and footers
Repeating titles on every page
Changing the layout
Previewing and adjusting margins
Checking page breaks
Charting Basics
Anatomy of a chart
Choosing the best chart type
Selecting data
Embedded charts vs. separate charts