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Excel 2011 Level 3

This class is designed for the experienced Excel user. Participants will learn conditional formatting and data validation techniques and functions and will learn how to protect the data and structure of worksheets and workbooks. The class covers exporting data from Excel to Word, using Pivot Tables, and the fundamentals of creating and using Macros. The class covers macro security issues, and teaches participants to configure Excel for working safely with macros. 6 Hours.

Course Prerequisites: Excel Levels 1 and 2 or equivalent experience.

Customizing Excel
Understanding Excel Options Navigating through the Options categories
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Showing Mini Toolbars and Screen Tips
Enabling Live Preview
Conditional Formatting
Add a Conditional Format Rule
Conditional Formatting with Format Styles
Selecting Cells with Conditional Formatting
Change or Remove a Conditional Format Rule
Rules Manager
Edit Formatting
Copy Conditional Formatting Rules to other Cells
Apply Conditional Formats Using the Rules Galleries

Data Validation
Designate Valid Cell Entries
Ways to Validate Data
Set up Input Messages and Error Alerts
Finding Cells with Data Validation Rules
Finding Cells with Data Validation Rule Violations
Removing Data Validation Rules from Your Worksheet

Custom Date and Number Formatting
Using the Preset Number Format Categories
Currency Format vs. Accounting Format
Custom and Special Number Formats
Formatting Dates and Times

Protecting Worksheets
Unlocking Cells in Your Worksheet
Adding Protection to Your Worksheet
Enter Data into a Protected Worksheet

Protecting Workbooks
Protecting Workbook Structure and Windows
Controlling Workbook Access with Password

Moving and Copying Sheets

Exporting Data from Excel to Word
Using Smart Tag and Paste Special options
Using the Paste Link Option
Edit an Excel Object in Word

Creating Pivot Table Reports
Understanding problems That Pivot Tables Solve
Source Data Considerations
Creating a Pivot Table Using Excel Defaults
Changing Field Positions and Adding Fields
Creating calculated fields
Formatting Pivot Tables
Grouping text and dates
Using Filters
Showing and Hiding Detail
Sorting a Pivot Table
Analyzing Data Subsets Using Drill-Down
Analyzing Data Subsets Using Report Filter Pages

Working with Macros
Understanding Macro security
Recording Macros
Running Macros
Making changes to Macros
Viewing and editing Macros with the VB Editor
Using the Personal Macro Workbook