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Programs and Services

We help organizations achieve excellence by developing high performing leaders and teams.

Our programs, services, and methodologies promote a culture of collaborative leadership that is effective, sustainable, and supportive of individual styles and differences. Our approach integrates concepts of leadership, rapport building, emotional intelligence, feedback, and influence. Rather than impose theoretical concepts of leadership onto individuals and teams, we work with our clients to identify and refine existing leadership strengths, values, and challenges. We develop executives from within the organization, accelerate the integration and effectiveness of new leaders from outside the organization, and task leaders at all levels with the development of others.

Kevin Martin leads a team of seasoned coaches, facilitators, and consultants to help leaders and their executive teams grow, develop, and take their performance to the next level. He and his team work with organizations ranging from seed stage to Fortune 500 companies.

Executive Coaching

Great coaches help leaders see themselves more fully, realize their full potential, and change in ways that yield tangible business results. Our coaches provide the support, guidance, and tools needed to explore and refine each individual's personal brand of leadership.

Team Coaching

High performing teams are the foundation of all successful organizations. Team Coaching helps teams become more effective, collaborative, and innovative, while broadening their belief of what is possible for themselves, their team, and their organization.

Leadership Development Programs

Great organizations view leadership development at all levels as a strategic competency. Mentor's Leadership Development programs get people and teams to high performing states quickly. We design and deliver customized programs that achieve well defined objectives in alignment with the core values, culture, and strengths of the organization. Through a series of structured workshops with individual coaching, we help leaders at all levels achieve superior performance and collaboration.

Leadership Assessment

While each leader has his or her own unique leadership style, there are skills and competencies that make great leaders. Our proprietary and proven high touch 360 leadership assessment tools and methodologies provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback across specific behavior-based leadership competencies that research shows are superior to personality typing and other psychometric approaches.
Leadership Team Assessment
High performing teams are the engines of all successful organizations. They take stock of their values, recognize their strengths and challenges, create feedback-rich cultures, and continually strive to improve their effectiveness--all toward achieving the strategic goals of the company.

Mentor’s Leadership Team Assessment identifies the strengths of a leadership team as well as root causes that limit the team’s effectiveness. We provide quantitative and qualitative feedback identifying key team performance competencies such as accountability, collaboration, alignment, role clarity, conflict effectiveness, and the group’s ability to observe and improve itself.

We then facilitate the team’s discovery of and alignment with concrete development solutions. Optionally, we will create a formal team development plan, as well as facilitate the team’s execution of this plan.

Offsite Design and Facilitation

Working in groups can be challenging, and the obstacles to a highly productive flow state can be subtle. Interpersonal and group dynamics can significantly enhance or inhibit the productivity of groups. We design and facilitate highly tailored offsites that address the specific needs of our clients, including strategy development/refinement, team alignment, leadership development, and team building. Our facilitators significantly enhance the effectiveness of groups while making the experience empowering and fulfilling for all.

Organization Development Services

Organizational health is essential for the successful execution of any business strategy. We help leaders identify opportunities to improve organizational effectiveness. We perform assessments, diagnose problems, propose solutions, and facilitate change within organizations. We partner with our clients to look at the organization as a whole and strategically improve it.

Private Equity Advisory

Discerning investors recognize that the success of their portfolio companies rises and falls on the ability of their management teams to deliver strategic objectives and maximize ROI. As leadership consultants to private equity firms, Mentor provides independent assessment and advisory services to help investors strengthen the capabilities of senior leadership in their newly acquired and existing portfolio companies. With a full appreciation of key business drivers and the criticality of executive talent, we serve as an invaluable resource immediately following the due diligence process and throughout the lifecycle of the investment to assist investors in unlocking the full potential of their management teams and value of their investments.

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