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Our Approach

When leaders encounter challenges within their organizations that are difficult to diagnose and address, they need a trusted expert and partner to help them find the right solutions.
We start by gaining a clear understanding of our client's needs, challenges, organizational culture, and strategic objectives. We're keen listeners, we create and use assessment tools that are practical and relevant, and we use proven, effective methods. We diagnose root causes, then develop and implement solutions through structural and process changes, norm shifts, individual and team coaching, facilitation, and training. Our team of experienced coaches, facilitators, and consultants deliver creative and effective solutions and support. We follow-up and track all of our services to ensure milestones and objectives are met.
In our experience, there are usually many different solutions to affecting change, developing people and teams, and addressing skill gaps. Finding the right solutions is key to the success of organizations.

The right solution might be individual and team coaching to help leaders and their teams overcome obstacles to peak performance, and help engage and align their values and performance with the vision & strategies of their organization. Or putting together a leadership development program where leaders at all levels discover and refine their leadership skills and competencies, and show up fully in their work. Or identifying skill gaps and delivering the training that people and teams need to do their jobs with greater productivity and engagement.
Here are some examples of recent engagements:

  • Coached the CEO of an early stage startup to develop greater influence and interpersonal effectiveness, particularly with investors and the Board of Directors. The CEO subsequently engaged Kevin to work with his entire leadership team, and a Board member engaged Kevin to work with another portfolio company.
  • Assessed the leadership development needs of a rapidly growing division within a Fortune 50 company. Designed a highly successful experiential program that improved leadership, management, and cross-functional collaboration. The executive team and multiple other management cohorts have graduated from this multi-month program. Others are queued to follow. The program combines experiential workshops, individual coaching, and group dynamics facilitation.
  • The CEO of a venture backed technology start-up requested coaching and facilitation help with the executive team. Functional groups were self-isolated (aka siloed), conflicts were frequently unresolved, and senior execs were acting independently, lacking alignment. We sat in several executive staff and strategy development meetings and identified unproductive dynamics, then coached the CEO and facilitated the executive team toward high performing group and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • The CFO of a technology start-up with approximately 50 employees asked Mentor for facilitation help within her Finance department. The team was nearly paralyzed by frequent and often unresolved conflicts. After interviewing most of the Finance team, we facilitated and coached the CFO, a director, and a manager through a process of constructive feedback and conflict resolution. The facilitation and coaching resulted in numerous insights and improvements, improved conflict management going forward, and a more effective and cohesive Finance team.
  • Mentor created and delivered a program to reintegrate two siloed groups within one of the Bay Area’s largest Independent Physician Associations  to improve organizational communication skills and develop the entire leadership team. The program consisted of facilitation, training, and coaching of all C-level executives. We guided the strategy development for this organization as the Affordable Care Act was passed into law. We worked with the Board of Directors to develop a new strategic plan that took advantage of significant health law changes. We designed and implemented an eight-week strategy development process, culminating in a three-day Board retreat. Outcomes included vision and mission statements, a prioritized list of quantified strategic objectives, leaders and teams assigned to each strategic objective, and a detailed plan for executing the strategy.
  • The senior leadership of a National Laboratory with over 1500 employees requested communications training for its entire management team. Mentor designed and delivered a highly customized workshop that addressed these needs. Attendance exceeded 80 percent and expectations were exceeded by the vast majority of participants—exceptional results in light of the fact that the training was mandatory.
  • The CEO and head of HR of a Bay Area technology company asked Mentor to design and deliver a leadership program tailored to the needs of its executive team. The program consisted of four workshops covering effective communication, feedback, influence, and team dynamics. Coaching was interleaved throughout the eight-week program to enhance individualized learning and application of the concepts. In addition to the executive team, 2 additional cohorts of managers finished the program, with all teams reporting high levels of  impact and satisfaction. The company now has all of their managers participating in this leadership program and has made it part of new manager training.

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